HTC teases 360-degree sound recording on the HTC U 11


HTC is not letting the HTC U 11 excitement die down. Merely days before the last tease, HTC released a new official video teaser to maintain our level of excitement on their upcoming flagship.

Based on the short new video with the accompanying caption, "360 real-life recording", the U 11 could be featuring a 360-degree sound recording and maybe 360-degree video recording as well. This is the second marketed feature of the U 11, the first one being the "Edge Sense".

The official launch for the U 11 is expected to be around 15 May 2017 with the official Malaysian launch following soon after. Do check up on our previous covered leak on the HTC U 11 here for some speculated specs.

In any case, do stay tuned to for any latest updates on this gem of a phone.