Here are the things that Malaysians were searching for in Google last month

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September has just passed and here are the new data from Google Malaysia that had been compiled from last month. On top of that, we found out that people were searching for the realme 7 Pro review and realme 7 G95, it was listed as the top 1 most searched item on Google search. 

The device was launched in October, but yet many Malaysians still can’t wait for the official announcement during September. Since that was the top 1, so what is the difference between both variants? You may watch the comparison video here and figure it out. 

On the other hand, 4 out of 10 searches were about football matches. It is no suprise that Malaysians are big football fans especially of the English Premier League. There are others interesting things that Malaysians search as well, which include macam mana nak tahu mengandung (How to check if is pregnant), what is sus (hello! Is Among Us), bila iphone 12 keluar (when is the iPhone 12 going to launch), and others. Here are the complete lists that Google Malaysia had provided us:

Top 10 Trending Searches for September 2020


  1. Realme 7 Pro Review / Realme 7 G95
  2. Isabella Guzman
  3. BPN 2.0 semakan / BPNM 2.0
  4. Anak Nora Ariffin / Anak Nora Cium* / Video Anak Nora Ariffin
  5. Aston Villa vs Man United / Liverpool vs Blackpool
  6. England vs Australia
  7. Lincoln City vs Liverpool / Luton Town vs Man United
  8. Man United vs Crystal Palace
  9. Plott Hound
  10. US Open Tennis 2020 results

Top searched "what" questions in September

  1. what is sus
  2. what is b40 and m40
  3. what happened on 9/11
  4. what is e census
  5. what is direct debit
  6. what dinosaur rawr means
  7. what diseases are caused by mosquitoes
  8. what is depression
  9. what is heather
  10. what to do in kl

Top searched "how to" questions in September

  1. how to update ios 14
  2. how to create avatar on facebook
  3. how to update airpods pro firmware
  4. how to sign out of gmail on phone
  5. how to remove page break in word
  6. how to strikethrough text in whatsapp
  7. how to change limit maybank2u
  8. how to make sticker whatsapp
  9. how to reduce brightness on pc
  10. how to connect bluetooth alza

Top searched "macam mana/bagaimana" questions in September

  1. bagaimana bayu laut berlaku
  2. macam mana nak buat pinjaman bank
  3. macam mana nak tahu mengandung
  4. bagaimana membuat intermittent fasting
  5. bagaimana beli tiket ets
  6. bagaimana aplikasi teknologi hijau mempengaruhi infrastruktur tempatan
  7. macam mana nak buat shopee live
  8. bagaimana ais punca naik berat badan
  9. bagaimana bayaran youtube
  10. bagaimana bila anda terkena serangan jantung

Top searched "bila/bilakah" questions in September

  1. bsh rayuan bila dapat
  2. bila air selangor pulih
  3. bila ptptn masuk
  4. bila pilihan raya akan datang
  5. bila mula bayar loan kereta
  6. bilakah undang undang darurat diisytiharkan
  7. pembayaran i lestari sehingga bila
  8. bila iphone 12 keluar
  9. bila prn sabah
  10. bila malaysia merdeka

Comparing between August and September, Malaysians were more focus on the football matches due to the ongoing season. What do you think? Do you find the lists interesting? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to stay tuned for more tech news on