Here is the unofficial free games giveaway list by Epic Games Store until 31 December 2020


As mentioned in our wholesome gaming news of 2020, the Epic Games Store has been giving away free video games throughout this year for people to cope with the pandemic. The Holiday Sale has already begun as well as another batch of free video games which started last week.

Previously, the Christmas free video games list got leaked that featured a lot of triple-A titles but turned out to be too good to be true. Now we got ourselves another leaked list which seems to be accurate so far. Started on 17th of December until now, the free video games that we got so far was Cities Skyline, Oddworld: New n Tasty, The Long Dark and Defence Grid. 

It seems quite legit so far, so should it be true - Alien: Isolation could be the next big video game in the Christmas List. After that, Metro 2033 which is an old triple-A video game will follow up. Whether it's real or not, it's worth keeping the list in check which you can refer below: 

  • December 17: Cities Skyline
  • December 18: Oddworld New n Tasty
  • December 19: The Long Dark
  • December 20: Defense Grid
  • December 21: Alien Isolation
  • December 22: Metro 2033
  • December 23: Tropico 5
  • December 24: Inside
  • December 25: Darkest Dungeon
  • December 26: My Time in Portia
  • December 27: Night in the Woods
  • December 28: Stranded Deep
  • December 29: Solitairica
  • December 30: Torchlight II
  • December 31: Jurassic World Evolution


On top of that, the Holiday Sale is offering video games on a discount of up to 75%. The platform is also giving away a free $10 voucher coupon but only eligible for games that are priced $15 and above. Still, a pretty good deal there! Have fun on your holiday and stay tuned for more trending tech news at