Hidden info on Apple’s website suggests that the iPhone 14 Plus was originally named ‘iPhone 14 Max’

feat image iphone 14 plus is max.jpg

Apple unveiled a new ‘Plus’ model for its iPhone lineup with the iPhone 14 series, which essentially replaced the ‘mini’ model with a larger model. However, the 6.7-inch iPhone model may not have been initially called ‘iPhone 14 Plus’ by Apple but ‘iPhone 14 Max’ instead, with many references on Apple’s website to corroborate this. 

This was first spotted by Dutch blog iCreate who found a couple of instances on Apple’s website that refers to the Plus models as Max. First is the file image of the iPhone 14 Plus models in five colours which upon closer inspection is named ‘iPhone-14-Max-colors’. The image can be found in a support document on Apple’s website.


Besides that, on a compliance and regulatory information page for the company's products, Apple again listed the Plus model as "‌iPhone 14‌ Max" with the ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus model number alongside other models in the iPhone 14 series. Based on these two references, it seems likely that the change of the model’s name to Plus was a bit last minute and Apple initially wanted to name the model ‘Max’ in line with the iPhone Pro Max naming scheme. 

What do you guys think? Which name do you prefer? Max or Plus? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more trending tech news such as this. 

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