Huawei Honor 6 IR blaster Smart Controller available for download

Huawei Honor 6 ITES IR Smart Controller 1.jpg

For those who have bought the Huawei Honor 6 recently and found that you can't use the IR blaster to remote control your TV, sound system or air conditioner, Huawei Malaysia have just released the Smart Controller app. Available for free download at the Huawei Club forum over on, ITES 2.0 turns your Huawei Honor 6 into a universal remote control. All you have to do is download and install two APK files from the site. The app Smart Controller will then appear. While you can download via your PC and copy it over to the Honor 6, you can just as easily make use of it's 4G LTE Cat6 connectivity and download it direct from the smartphone. The downloads are not that big so it should not take that long. Check out the screencaps below:

Huawei Honor 6 ITES IR Smart Controller 2.jpg

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