Huawei Malaysia is introducing a Mate30 Series Referral Program for those who are interested in the phone


Just this morning, Huawei Malaysia Country Director, Bill Liu has just released a statement about a few things, particularly about the Huawei Mate 30 series and its owners. For those who didn't follow the news, the Exclusive Ownership Campaign has already ended but if you are still interested to purchase the phone, here's how.

First thing's first, starting from 25 October 2019, the customers who have purchased the Mate 30 Pro from the Exclusive Ownership Campaign will be receiving their device and gifts today onwards and get their first hands to experience with EMUI 10. As it was only open for existing Mate series users, the company has also set up an official service hotline (1800-22-0086) as well as a WhatsApp Communication Channel for customers (can be retrieved from the retail store when you collect your phone) to get feedback and suggestion for them to improve their services.

Then for those who are still interested in getting the phone, Huawei Malaysia will carry out a Huawei Mate 30 series Referral Program starting from 26 October 2019 until 7 November 2019. The referral code can be obtained from Mate 30 Pro owners who got it from the Exclusive Ownership Campaign, but why are they doing this? Well, the company's aim for the Referral Program is to "connect people together through social networking, so that consumers who are interested to purchase the Huawei Mate30 series can connect with owners to understand the device and make a better purchase decision. At the same time, owners can connect to exchange tips and tricks to utilise Huawei Mate30 Series device to its full potential."

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On top of that, Mr Bill Liu even offered his personal Referral Code (33995) for those who want to purchase a Mate 30 series device. The code will only be valid from 26 October until 27 October 2019. He also mentioned that his referral code will be utilised for a future campaign as a reward for the fans.

So...yeah, that's how you can get yourself the Mate 30 series through a referral code. To add on, it's worth mentioning that the Screen Protection Warranty and Extended Warranty services are included. For more information, you can find out more from their Facebook page, HiCare App or the referral website which will go live on 26 October 2019.

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