Huawei MatePad available on 9 September for RM1399 with keyboard and other freebies worth RM500, Huawei MatePad T too, for just RM499!


Huawei previously announced the Huawei MatePad for RM1399 in May 2020, but have just announced that it will now be available on 9 September for RM1399 with a free complimentary keyboard and other freebies worth up to RM500. Tech specs for the MatePad are a mix of midrange and high-end including a Kirin 810 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a 10.4-inch full HD display.

In addition, the more entry-level Huawei MatePad T previously announced for RM799 will also be made available on 9 September 2020 for just RM499. This special promo is just for 9 September 2020 mind you, and there’s no mention as to the number of units available for sale for either the MatePad or the MatePad T, so if you're interested best mark your calendars and stay ready.

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The Huawei MatePad may be a midranger but with the keyboard, it could be the productivity tablet you've been looking for


The more entry-level MatePad T is designed for browsing and media consumption


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