Huawei allegedly completed 90W fast charger for smartphones


Not long after launching the Huawei Mate 40 series last year, Huawei claimed that it had 120W and 200W fast-charging tech. At the time, those power ratings were allegedly not suitable for mobile devices. But now the company has one that would be suitable.

According to Digital Chat Station, Huawei is working on 90W fast-charging technology that's intended for smartphones. The leaker also made a vague claim that both wired and wireless fast-charging speeds will be getting faster. We doubt Huawei can make 90W wireless fast-chargers yet, so a 90W wired fast charger is more likely.


"Huawei has been working on a 90W fast-charging tech that's suitable for smartphones."

Moreover, this rumoured new charger is probably not available yet. Huawei currently has a 66W fast charger, which was first made available last year. The upcoming Huawei P50 series is also expected to come with this charger. Of course, it's also possible that there would be a variant like the P50 Pro that launches with the 90W charger.

While a 90W fast-charging sounds impressive, most people don't really need their phones to charge so quickly. Or do they? Let us know what you think about that in the comments, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.