Huawei celebrates its online store's 5th birthday with discounts, free gifts and more!

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Huawei’s online store turns 5 this year! To celebrate, Huawei is offering huge discounts, free gifts, flash deals and games. The events starts from today all through the 30th of April.

During this time, you can watch your money grow when you purchase selected smartphones. How it works is simple: Deposit a specific amount of money for the device and watch it grow 5x more. For instance, buying a Huawei Mate 20 Pro requires you to deposit RM60. From there, the money will grow into RM300 during the buying period which is on the 29th to 30th of April. Since the retail price of the device is RM2699, you’re now only required to pay RM2399! Here’s the full amount of deposits needed for each selected phone:

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On the 24th till 30th of April, anyone who purchases selected devices are eligible for free gifts that include M-Pens, AP38 Car Chargers, Wireless charge casings and more. These gifts are limited and exclusive under the “Birthday Treats” event. You can find out which device is eligible for what free gift on the table below. Daily flash deals will also be happening throughout the 24th till 28th of April at 12 noon. You can save up to RM490 on items such as Huawei 20000mAh Quick Charge Powerbank, HUAWEI “Soundstone” Portable Bluetooth® Speaker, Huawei Y Max, Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale, Huawei M3 Lite and more. If you can’t catch flash deals at 12PM, on the 29th there will be 3 flash deals sessions at 9AM, 12PM and 3PM.


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Free gifts you're eligible for with each purchase

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Huawei P30 and P30 bundles

In addition, there will be bundles for the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro which you can see above. Also, there’s the “Race Master” game where every participant will be eligible to walk away with a RM10 voucher and high scorers a RM50 voucher which can be used to purchase a HUAWEI Y7 Pro, HUAWEI Y9, HUAWEI Y Max, HUAWEI nova 3i, HUAWEI nova 4, and HUAWEI nova 4e. All vouchers received can only be redeemed at the Huawei Online Store on the 29th and 30th of April. So what are you waiting for? For more info, do check out the Huawei website yourself and for more Huawei updates, make sure you follow!

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