Instagram and Facebook could get new Android-themed icons update soon


Image from Techy Ji

Looks like Meta does not plan on stopping. Previously, we mentioned how Meta aims to bring the “Broadcast Channel” feature to Facebook and Messenger. Today, the company plans to bring Android-theme icons to both Instagram and Facebook.

For your information, Android-themed icons have been around since the 12th Gen update. This feature personalises your UI with matching aesthetics, icons and colours to maximise your user experience. Needless to say, this update has been an anticipated feature for Android users.

Moreover, more popular apps have adopted Android-themed icons as part of their UI. Finally, Meta has caught up with the rest. Recent updates suggest this feature will be available for the Alpha and Beta versions of Instagram and Facebook. Interestingly, this change shows a broader change in Meta’s approach to Android features.

For example, the Google Pixel Fold can now experience Instagram in a fresh layout that is optimized for bigger screens. Perhaps this could be attributed to its Android 14 QPR1 Beta. While most people see it as a minor update, this is still a welcomed addition, nonetheless. Gone are the days of hiding Facebook and Instagram icons in a file or moving them to secondary screens.

We have yet to confirm more details or the Malaysia release date for the update. At this point, only time will reveal the full picture for us.

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