KTM Komuter to accept payments via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in early 2024

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Previously, we reported that the open payment system is now operational at KTM Komuter stations, with payments via MyDebit incurring an RM30 temporary pre-authorisation. Now, KTMB has announced further details on its plans to improve the system, including support for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. 

In a statement, KTMB said that it is committed to enhancing customers’ experience by expanding its cashless payment system initiatives by simplifying ticket purchases for passengers. The company added that the multi-payment card reader at its Automated Control Gates (ACGs) requires a back-end connection to payment service providers. 

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Hence, as of right now, the new gates accept Touch ’n Go cards, MyDebit and Komlink card, with the latter allowing for a 50% concession for senior citizens, persons with disabilities and school students. 

As for debit card payment, it’s now only limited to MyDebit issued by local banks but KTMB is working towards expanding the acceptance to include a broader range, including from foreign bank cards. By the end of this month, KTMB will accept credit card payments, though the RM30 pre-authorisation hold will still remain for both credit and debit cards. 


Should passengers find the amount held as not being at their convenience, KTMB advised commuters to choose another payment method. 

Lastly, KTMB confirmed that Apple Pay and Samsung Pay will be supported in early 2024 at all KTM stations. However, no exact date was given. 

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