Leaks: Customers are getting a rebate and trade-off on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and J5 Prime


Today, Mr Anonymous has reached out to us on a leak regarding the Samsung J7 Prime and J5 Prime. Apparently, there’s going to be a rebate over the devices and a trade in as well starting on 14 April until 21 May 2017. 

According to Mr Anonymous, the rebate figure of the J7 Prime will be from RM1199 to RM999, while the J5 Prime’s original RM899 went down to RM699. That's a RM200 rebate for each device there. As for trading in, customers are entitled to trade with ANY phone that is still working, provided that there's no screen crack. Sounds awesome.


Are you excited of this rebate and trade in for the Galaxy J7 Prime and J5 Prime? Stay tuned for more Samsung news at TechNave.com and thanks to Mr Anonymous for the tip!