Maxis Makes Apple iPhone 4 Free for 24 Months of TalkMore48 in Malaysia

Maxis Free Apple iPhone cover.jpg

In a move that will make some people who have always wanted an Apple iPhone very happy, Maxis is now offering the Apple iPhone 4 (8GB) for FREE with their TalkMore48 plan and a 1GB data plan. In effect it means that all you're really paying for are the TalkMore48+1GB data plan bundle. You will have to sign up for a 24 months contract though. Like other Maxis TalkMore48 bundle promotions you'll have to pay RM96 (RM48 + RM48) per month.

Check out the table below for all the little details:

Maxis Free Apple iPhone Table.jpg

For some more information regarding our other Maxis plans click here but for more information regarding this FREE Apple iPhone 4 plan go to the Maxis site.

Maxis Free Apple iPhone Plan.jpg


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