Meta had to scrap its health and messaging-focused smartwatch project amidst revenue decline

feat image meta smarwatch cancelled.jpg

Previously, we reported that Meta is laying off more than 11,000 employees amidst a decline in revenue and now, more details have come out regarding the company’s workforce reduction. One of the more interesting detail that emerged from the whole situation is that Meta had an ongoing project to develop a smartwatch that would compete with the Apple Watch but the development has been scrapped as part of the company’s cost-cutting effort. 

As reported by Reuters, the Meta smartwatch is touted to be a health and messaging-focused smartwatch which utilises the company’s main products namely Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Last year, it was rumoured that Meta planned for the wearable to work using a cellular connection without the need to tether to a smartphone and run on a version of Google’s Wear OS.  

Moreover, Meta was also looking for a modular design for the smartwatch, with possibly a detachable display with dual-cameras built-in for taking photos. Well, the plan has since been cancelled or halted with the ongoing cost reduction, with Meta’s smartwatch development team now switching to building augmented reality glasses instead. 

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