Meta will launch Threads as a new rival app to Twitter soon


In case you didn't know, Meta has been secretly developing a rival app to Twitter called Threads. Well, it seems that we are getting the app earlier than expected as it has appeared on the Apple App Store. It's expected to launch on 6 July 2023 globally.

There's little information about Threads besides working similarly to Twitter, but we do have some clues in the screenshots. First, Threads require our Instagram account to log in and we can also follow the same accounts on Instagram.


The user interface design seems similar to Instagram but in a conversational method like Twitter. Similarly Twitter, users who follow you can also Like, Comment, "Retweet" or Share your post somewhere else.

Would you try out Threads and abandon Twitter? At the moment, Twitter seems to be in a "mess" due to the limited post-reading per day quota set by Musk. Currently, verified, unverified and new unverified accounts can view 10,000, 1000 and 500 posts per day respectively. You can read about the news right here.