Minister informs that the PerantiSiswa tablets have tracking system, and you should stop selling them

PerantiSiswa tablet cover EDITED.jpg

Recently, news reports surfaced about students selling the PerantiSiswa tablets they got for free. With that said, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia Tan Sri Annuar Musa informed that the tablets have a tracking system installed and will enable the government to find out who sold them.

The minister said that the tracking system would allow them to find out whether the receivers are using the tablets by checking their location. He added that the government would take serious action against those who sell the devices as it's inappropriate.

"This is an inappropriate action and the ministry as an implementing agency takes this matter seriously", said the minister.

Students who do so could get their names displayed on the PerantiSiswa portal and their relevant universities or institutions will be informed to tackle the issue. These "students who apply have made a commitment that they are eligible and will use it themselves, selling means they have breached that commitment."

So far, there have been 14 cases involving recipients who have tried to sell the tablet, and there are already devices which have been blocked. Annuar also informed that almost 300,000 applications have been approved for the provision of PerantiSiswa tablets until now.

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