Some students are already selling their Peranti Siswa tablets


Recently, those students who applied for the Peranti Siswa tablets received their brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablets with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and built-in 4G LTE connectivity tech specs. Unfortunately, there are already listings to sell these tablets on some online marketplaces.

For those who don’t know, these Peranti Siswa tablets were recently distributed to B40 and other students who applied for the program. 450 million ringgit was allocated for this program and according to the Peranti Siswa FAQ, they were targeted at an estimated 350000 students. While they were initially supposed to be for loan, these tablets are now free but with certain conditions.


Is this illegal?

As written in the Peranti Siswa terms and conditions, it is illegal for students who have received these tablets to sell them. However, the site is unclear as to what exactly the legal consequences are for these students, just that they will be penalized by the Program Administrators.

While morally incorrect (these are tablets bought with Malaysian taxpayers money), so far, there are no legal consequences if you were to buy these Peranti Siswa tablets. It’s just that the Peranti Siswa loading screen is a dead giveaway that you’re using these tablets and not something you bought through more official means.

We’ve reached out to the Peranti Siswa program administrators for further clarification on this, so stay tuned to this space if you’d like to be updated. We’ll keep you guys posted as soon as we get an answer.


How to find out if someone is selling a Peranti Siswa Samsung Galaxy Tab A8?

While we did mention the Peranti Siswa loading screen (perhaps you could ask the seller to show you the tablet loading as proof that it’s working?) the tech specs are also a dead giveaway. Most commercially available Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablets do not have 4GB of RAM and 4G LTE built-in as these are generally available through B2B channels or Peranti Siswa.

In general, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablet with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and 4G LTE built-in is priced around RM1300 or so. If the seller is offering it for lower than this, it could be a red flag for you but what do you think? Would you buy a Peranti Siswa tablet? Should these sellers sell their Peranti Siswa Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 tablets? Let us know in our Facebook page and stay tuned to TechNave for further tech updates.