Motorola Edge 30 Ultra render reveals large 200MP camera and curved screen


If you recall, there was a report about two weeks ago on the upcoming Motorola flagship series. The company allegedly has a device codenamed 'Frontier' that will launch with a 200MP camera. Now, sources have found renders of the device in question.

Thanks to WinFuture, we can see that the so-called Motorola Edge 30 Ultra has a few distinct design characteristics. The first one is the display, which has curved sides and a punch-hole for the front camera. Another one is the back where the camera module is. You can see the large main camera that's using the rumoured 200MP sensor, plus what's suggested to be a 50MP ultrawide camera and 13MP telephoto camera.


The letters next to the camera seem to spell '194MP'

Interestingly, the main camera doesn't seem to be exactly 200MP. You can see a number that's etched on the camera module, and it's either '104MP' or '194MP'. Well, 194MP is pretty close to 200MP so it's still more or less accurate. Besides the camera, this device is expected to feature a 144Hz refresh rate display, Wi-Fi 6E support, and possibly a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset.

Mind you, Motorola has been quiet in Malaysia so we don't know if this model would launch here. But if it does, would you be interested in buying it? Stay tuned to TechNave for more updates about this phone, and leave your thoughts in the comments below!