MySejahtera records over 250,000 individuals screened for NCD in Malaysia

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Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin today revealed that a total of 252,767 individuals have been screened for non-communicable diseases (NCD) as of yesterday (29 September 2022). The figure was recorded in MySejahtera, part of several health features that were previously added to the application. 

Khairy further elaborated that from the total number who did the screening, 173,722 individuals were aged 40 and above with only 6.31 per cent recorded as being healthy. Meanwhile, 47.34 per cent of that category were confirmed to have NCD while the other 46.34 per cent had risks of NCD. 


The remaining 79,045 individuals were below 40 years old and the results found that only 13.91 per cent were healthy. As for the rest within the category, 31.48 per cent were confirmed to have NCD and 54.58 per cent had NCD risk factors. 

The Health Minister said that those that were found to be at risk were referred to the health clinic to undergo further examination to confirm their health status. Moreover, he added that they were subsequently given interventions to control the risk factors and diseases they may have.

Khairy stressed that NCDs are still a major disease burden in Malaysia and almost half of those with NCDs never know their health status or are unaware they have NCDs until they reach a severe stage. Therefore, he urged those aged 40 and above with NCD risk factors, and who had never done health screening, or done it a long time ago,  to immediately book an appointment in the MySejahtera application to do the health screening at nearby health facilities.

The Health Minister said that the MySejahtera application had been updated with various new functions to support the implementation of the National Health Screening Initiative (NHSI), which is one of the main activities under Thrust 3 of Agenda Nasional Malaysia Sihat (ANMS) which is a long-term plan to guide the nation towards turning healthy living into a culture as it steers out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, MySejahtera users can access their health information through the 'Health Record' function on the application after undergoing a health screening at a government health facility.

He said the function would be extended to all registered private facilities, including screening under the PeKaB40 and SOCSO programmes. Khairy added that the appointment for health screening could also be made through the Appointment function in MySejahtera, in addition to using the existing appointment system at health facilities.

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