New Apple patent spotted hints at a cheaper version of the Vision Pro headset


When Apple introduced the Vision Pro headset earlier this month, the consensus was that it was too expensive. At USD 3499 (~RM16000), it's priced out of reach for most people. But sources suggest that a cheaper variant could be in development.

According to Patently Apple, Apple registered a new patent for a head-mounted display (HMD) accessory this week. It allegedly allows an HMD to connect to an iPhone and access virtual or augmented reality content through the device. Moreover, it will feature a more simple design. The patent described it as an accessory that users can insert their iPhones into, which makes it similar to older headsets like the Google Daydream View and Lenovo VR glasses.


Image from Patently Apple

While that sounds like you can dock your iPhone to the headset, the patent indicates that the connection will be wireless. Anyway, it sounds like the idea is to remove a bunch of components like the two mobile chipsets and a bunch of sensors to bring down costs. In theory, this should result in a much cheaper mixed-reality headset.

Another thing to note is that the Vision Pro runs on visionOS. On the other hand, this supposed Lite variant connects to an iPhone running iOS. As such, expect some differences like app compatibility. However, cheaper Apple headset is good news for fans with lighter wallets, so we're looking forward to this being brought to reality (pun not intended).

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