New Samsung Galaxy S10 teasers show off 4K selfie camera recording and reverse wireless charging


Three brand new short teaser videos were posted up by Samsung on their Vietnamese Youtube channel, confirming and showing a few key features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series smartphones. These teasers confirmed a few rumours that we’ve been hearing these past few days.

The first video seems to show off their new UD fingerprint scanning technology. From rumours we’ve heard, we may only be seeing this feature on the standard S10 and the S10+ device only as the S10E may have a side mounted fingerprint scanner integrated with the power button. In the video description, it is mentioned the line “ultrasonic technology” which may point to their very own technology.

The next video shows off their 4K recording but the interesting about it is that it is capable of doing so with the S10 selfie camera. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that the S10+ may come with a dual selfie camera housed in a pill shaped cutout display. The selfie camera is rumoured to have 10MP with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

The third video shows off the Samsung Galaxy S10’s battery abilities. This video confirms the rumours of reverse wireless charging like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which I personally thought was only a rumour at first. It is claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 may support 15W fast charging and 9W reverse wireless charging.

Besides that, there is word going around that Samsung’s wireless earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, may be revealed alongside the S10 series as well. New leaks of photos of the device has surfaced on the internet and it is rumoured that we may be receiving the earbuds for free with purchase of the S10 smartphone. However, it is not specified which version of the device it will come with or if it will happen globally or specific to certain regions.



The Samsung Galaxy Buds feature a much smaller battery capacity compared to its previous predecessor with only 58mAh battery and its case only 252mAh battery. Besides that, the earbuds may come with wireless charging for its case, IPx2 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0 support and 8GB storage.

Samsung’s Unpacked 2019 is happening on the 20th of February and we are only T minus 7 days till the event. @evleaks on Twitter shared a leaked photo of a banner of the event, confirming that the one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 (likely the S10+) may feature a pill shaped cutout display. Either way, I am ready to be blown away. Are you? For the latest Samsung news, there’s no better place to find that in Malaysia than on!

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