New Xiaomi Redmi Pro picture samples teased and unknown Xiaomi phone certified


In just less than a week away from Xiaomi Redmi Pro's debut on 27 July, Xiaomi has begun releasing teasers of the device and it seems to be focusing on the camera aspects. We get to see two picture samples from the Redmi Pro and it's quite unbelievable that it could capture such quality.


As you can see in the picture samples, the depth of field effect is captured by the camera fantastically and although it's taken by professional photographers, this is something that most users want in a smartphone these days. To add on to that, it's has been speculated for days now that the Redmi Pro will equip a dual camera sensor at the back, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised at the quality there. If that's really the case, then the Redmi Pro will indeed be the company's first device to feature dual rear camera.


Furthermore, a new Xiaomi smartphone that's possibly the Redmi Pro itself or another device has been granted certification in China. However, according to the list, there's not much information that we can gather because the only thing that was mentioned is the 5V/2A charger which belongs to the Redmi family. the information above also reveals the device will come with entire network support.

Are you excited that the Redmi Pro will feature awesome camera specifications? Stay tuned for more news at and we will definitely keep an eye on this.

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