Next Apple TV to pack major performance upgrade to better support Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade is already available on Apple TV

Recently, Apple TV 4K finally got an update that lets it play YouTube videos in 4K. In that article, we wondered if Apple could make it so that it could do so in 60 fps and with HDR. Well, looks like the next Apple TV would have more than enough juice to deal with such high settings and also play higher-end games.

According to @choco_bit (via TechRadar), the upcoming new Apple TV models will come with the A12Z Bionic chipset that this year's iPad Pro has. There could also be a model that comes with the variant of the A14 Bionic chipset that will be used for the new iPad Air. The reason for this big upgrade is so that Apple can better support flagship games on its Apple Arcade platform.

It's rumoured that games aiming to "rival Breath of the Wild" will be added to the platform in the future. To run these games, newer devices will need to have chipsets like the ones mentioned above to handle them. It should be noted that Nintendo games aren't really that hardware intensive, considering that they run on 720p at most. But it won't be surprising if the current Apple TV isn't equipped to handle such games.

Mind you, the above is an unconfirmed rumour, so do take it with a grain of salt. But having said that, if the Apple TV is capable of playing such games, would you sign up for Apple Arcade? Let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to for further updates.