Nothing pulls its iMessage app out of the Play Store due to ‘several bugs’

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Previously, we reported about Nothing Chats, the company’s cross-platform messaging app that allows Nothing Phone (2) users to chat directly with someone on Apple’s iMessage. However, it seems that Nothing has encountered unforeseen obstacles with the app and has since temporarily pulled the beta version out of the Google Play Store. 

Taking to its official X account, Nothing confirmed that the Nothing Chats beta has been pulled out of the Play Store. The statement further said that it is delaying the launch of the app until further notice. 

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As for the reason behind removing the app from the Play Store, Nothing said it’s currently working with Sunbird, its partner in creating Nothing Chats to fix several bugs. The company then apologised for the delay and promised to do right by its users. 

However, the problem could be more than just related to bugs but may involve data privacy concerns, a problem that many in the tech world warned ever since Nothing announced the app. In related news, Apple also surprised everyone following Nothing Chats’ announcement by saying that it will be supporting RCS next year, something that may end up making Nothing’s app redundant, though it might still be useful for Android users that want the ‘blue bubble’ on iMessage.

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