OPPO may launch a smartphone with an under-display selfie camera this year


OPPO has possibly discovered a new way of removing notches or cutouts from their displays altogether. No, it is not a pop up or rotating camera. Popular leaker, Ben Geskin shared on Twitter that OPPO has found a way to implement under-display cameras and may be able to launch the device this year.

An image of a smartphone was shared in the tweet, showing off the top of the device with no notches or cutouts, thin bezels and a slightly curved display. The tweet mentioned that “OPPO will show a smartphone with an under display camera”. Other than that, no other detail such as release dates, names or even pricing was shared on the post.

If OPPO really did manage to create an under-display camera for their devices, this would change smartphone technology and designs as a whole. Unfortunately, it would also bring in an era where all smartphones would look similar and bland (almost like what is happening now but on a bigger scale). As of right now, there are some companies who are trying to perfect under-display cameras such as Samsung. I guess we’ll have to see which company will manage to come out with the technology first. For the latest news on the most interesting smartphone innovations, stay tuned to TechNave.com!

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