OPPO shows off its retractable mobile camera at INNO Day 2021


If you recall, the OPPO retractable mobile camera was leaked last week. The Internet already knows what it looks like, but OPPO's presentation at the INNO Day 2021 revealed more about what it can do. Below are the details about it.

In a promo video, OPPO confirmed that its retractable camera uses a 1/1.56-inch 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor. It also has an aperture of F/2.4 and an equivalent focal length of 52mm (2x optical zoom). This sensor is quite large, but OPPO managed to fit it into a smartphone that has a thickness of 8.26mm. When retracted, the camera sits flush against the camera module, which is what makes the design so impressive.

Besides that, the camera comes with optical image stabilisation, auto-focus, waterproof resistance, and auto retract for the camera when it detects a fall (neat!) As for software features, it can provide natural optical bokeh, high-resolution 50MP images, and reduced background noise in images. Mind you, actual imaging quality was not showcased at INNO Day 2021.

Having said that, this technology is something you don't see in current smartphones. It's quite refreshing for us, but what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.