Only the iPhone 15 pro series will have Apple Intelligence, but why?


By now, Apple fans should have heard about the upcoming Apple Intelligence features that will appear on iOS 18. However, not all the AI features will be available at launch and perhaps worst of all - only the iPhone 15 Pro series will get a piece of the pie.

Apple never really explained why all the Apple Intelligence isn't available for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and other older models. However, according to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the reason turns out to be quite simple. It was revealed in his Power On newsletter that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus just aren't powerful enough to operate Apple Intelligence due to the lack of RAM power.

Just for your information, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus feature 6GB of RAM. Gurman explained that Apple Intelligence needs a minimum of 8GB of RAM to operate smoothly. On paper, it's possible that the non-pro iPhone 15 models can run Apple Intelligence, just not smooth enough to operate the tasks.

Additionally, Gurman also mentioned that all iPhone 16 series models will have at least 8GB of RAM so we can expect Apple Intelligence's availability. With that, Apple Intelligence will be the key selling point for the next-gen iPhones in September this year. You can read all about the Apple Intelligence features right here.

Just so you know, Google also did the same thing with the Pixel 8. Gemini Nano is available on the Pixel 8 Pro only because the vanilla version has "hardware limitations". While both phones have the same chipset, the Pixel 8 only has 8GB of RAM while the Pixel 8 Pro uses 12GB of RAM. Gemini Nano would be released on the Pixel 8 later on but as a developer option.