OpenAI releases AI classifier to check for Chat GPT written articles, still needs work


OpenAI, makers of the AI-driven Chat GPT, have released a new AI classifier that might be able to check if something has been written using Chat GPT. However, just like their own Chat GPT, they also included plenty of disclaimers saying that their AI classifier “is not fully reliable”... and they’re right.

We previously tried out AI Writing Check for the exact same purpose and didn’t have very good results. This time around, the OpenAI AI classifier has different limitations in that it requires a minimum of 1000 characters or 150 to 250 words rather than limiting the words to 400, which is good and like the AI Writing Check, there’s no freemium ads you have to watch just to use the AI classifier.


You do have to sign up with OpenAI though, but you might not want to do so after we tell you our results. Trying out the OpenAI AI classifier with the exact same ChatGPT written article that we tried before, we got the statement “The classifier considers the text to unlikely be AI-generated”. It’s better than nothing and perhaps it does work better with educational essays, but be warned that it’s still “not fully reliable” just yet. 

In any case, what do you think about AI like ChatGPT? Should educational institutions start grading essays and coursework for use with ChatGPT instead of banning it entirely? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to