Opensignal - Celcom picks up 4 overall mobile internet experience wins and more


It wasn't that long ago when Opensignal released its Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2023. Now, we have access its latest Mobile Network Experience Report 2023 and below are just some of the interesting findings.

As announced in the previous report, Celcom users experienced the fastest overall speed with a score of 26.3Mbps. Maxis isn't too far behind either with 25.9Mbps, then followed by Digi in third place. Overall, all the telcos improved their scores but Celcom has the biggest jump by 136% (15.2Mbps).

On the other hand, Yes by YTL Communications gets the best Availability Awards with 98.8%. It's followed closely by U Mobile, which is just 0.7% behind as well as Maxis in third place. Yes is also the sole winner of 5G Availability, with a score of 33.8% — U Mobile is in second place, scoring 8.8 percentage points lower than Yes. Opensignal says that Yes 5G users spend 33.8% of their time on average with an active 5G connection.

Mobile Network Experience Report _ March 2023 _ © Opensignal Limited.png

Speaking of 5G, Opensignal also notes that Malaysian users see a massive uplift in average download speed when connected to 5G. Digi got first in 5G Download Speed with an average speed of 440.7Mbps, 62.6Mbps ahead of second-placed Unifi's score of 378.1Mbps. Digi also got the best 5G Upload Speed award with U Mobile and Celcom, as the three operators have statistically tied scores of 42.8-44.3Mbps.

If you want to read the full detailed report of this, you can visit Opensignal's report right over here. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at