Over 3.1 million scam calls detected in Malaysia - Thanks to Whoscall and PDRM, Scam calls pick up rates falls by 10%


Previously, we mentioned how the MCMC has blocked over 2.6 million scam calls. Today, the CEO of Gogolook, Manwoo Joo announced the pick-up rate for scam calls has fallen by 10%. This success can be credited to Whoscall collaboration with PDRM.

In case you didn’t know, Whoscall is an app developed by Gogolook. Currently, it has over 100 million downloaded caller ID applications with the largest database in East Asia and Southeast Asia. The app has successfully detected 3.1 million fraudulent calls and SMS in Malaysia as of August this year (2023).

Interestingly, 318,147 of the fraud numbers detected were from the PDRM CCID portal. As a result, these numbers were imported into the Whoscall database. Moreover, the CEO, Woo expressed his excitement over this partnership:

“With the shared database from PDRM, we were able to add the PDRM tagging on unknown calls under ‘Scammer (Verified by PDRM). Data collected showed that the user pick-up rate of scam calls dropped from 21% to 11% within 8 months”.

In addition, the CEO added that Whoscall has launched a new feature, Whatsapp unknown call identification. As the name suggests, it could protect you from potential scams and fraudulent calls conducted via WhatsApp. The best part? It’s free for all Whoscall users.

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Plus, the “URL Scanner” feature can protect you from clicking on phishing links by mistake. This feature helps you ensure a link’s safety quickly and conveniently. ACP Azman Bin Mohd Isa, Chief Assistant Director of the Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) at Bukit Aman commented on the partnership:

“PDRM is pleased to see the positive results from the collaboration with Whoscall. This partnership with Whoscall is a key element in PDRM’s ongoing Anti-Scam Campaign which offers an actionable step to protect against scammers by leveraging Whoscall's unknown call identification technology. We look forward to continuing this collaboration with Whoscall for more scam prevention projects to fight crime together”.

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