Previous iPhones will only come with a USB-C Lightning cable as well, except in France

Apple iPhone 12 box cover EDITED.png

Apple has finally unveiled the highly-anticipated iPhone 12 series today and it got everybody talking about the devices. If you're still not clear about what can the new iPhones do, be sure to check out our 3-min sum up video to have some clues. We know that some of you might be unhappy with the tech giant taking the adapter and EarPods out of the box to save the environment. Now, it seems like the mentioned accessories won't be coming with the previous iPhones as well. 

From now on, new buyers of the iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2020), and iPhone XR will only be getting the device and a Lightning cable from the box. If you want the power adapter or EarPods, you might have to purchase them separately. The adapter is selling from RM79 for 5W to RM189 for 30W. Meanwhile, if you're can't live without the EarPods, it is available at the price of RM99.

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While the new iPhones will only be coming with the USB-C Lightning cable almost everywhere, it looks like there's one country is getting a different treatment. It has been found out that the people in France are in luck as they will continue to get the EarPods when buying new iPhones. However, they might still need to purchase the power adapter separately.

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