Redmi G gaming laptop release: 16.1-inch display with 144Hz support, starts from ~RM3,197

Redmi G cover EDITED.jpg

As promised, Redmi has launched their very first affordable gaming laptop today. Starting from 5,299 Yuan (~RM3,197), the Redmi G gaming laptop packs a few high-end features that you wouldn't want to miss out for at a reasonable price. Now, let's take a look if the smartphone manufacturer is doing gaming laptop right!

The Redmi G comes with a 16.1-inch screen with super-thin bezels that force the webcam to be located at the bottom. Other than that, the display will also support a 144Hz refresh rate (depends on configuration) at 1080p resolution and 100% sRGB coverage.

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Under the thin chassis, there is a small 55Wh battery which Redmi doesn't promise anything beyond 5.5 hours of light browsing and work. However, the brand does promise exceptional cooling performance provided by the two big cooling vents and three separate heat pipes. There are also exhaust vents on each side and two additional ones at the back.

The gaming laptop will be available in three configurations. With the base variant priced at 5,299 (~RM3,197), you'll get an Intel Core i5-10200H CPU (60Hz display) paired with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. The middle variant priced at 6,299 Yuan (~RM3,801) will offer a Core i5-10300H CPU (144Hz display) paired with GTX 1650 Ti option. Meanwhile, the highest variant with Core i7-10750H (144Hz display) paired with GTX 1650 Ti as well is priced at 6,999 Yuan (~RM4,223). It is unsure for a global release to happen but the Redmi G will be launching on 17 August in China.

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