Remember the first Apple iPhone SE? It's a "Vintage" device now


If you own the Apple iPhone SE, this news might catch you off guard. Today, Apple confirms the Apple iPhone SE is now classified as a vintage product. That said, why did this happen?

For your information, Apple classifies a 7-year-old device as “vintage”. To put that into perspective, the first iPhone SE variant was launched in March 2016 with a price of RM1949. The second variant arrived in 2020 while the third variant with 5G came in 2022. So, it made sense why Apple listed this device as “vintage” on its website.

In addition, the last iOS update this phone gets is the iOS 15, 2 years ago. With this new status as a “vintage” product, Apple will no longer provide any form of maintenance service or produce spare parts for it. If you happen to have this variant, you might want to start taking a good care of it from now onwards.


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