Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be called... Samsung Galaxy Note 7


A new rumour just popped up from the internet, where reports are saying that Samsung will be skipping the launch for the next Samsung Galaxy Note model this year, and instead will go straight into 2017 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Internal information from the company says that the Note 7 will feature the first dual-edged screen (ala Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge) in the Note line of models. Also, the reason that the number skip is mainly to create a gap between model release dates, and which in turn will create more hype for the upcoming model.  

From our analysis, this may be good for Samsung, as the hotly anticipated Apple iPhone 7 is due to be launched, in the same window as Samsung has traditionally slotted for their big Note launch event. As this is an early rumour, we have no information on what we can expect from the upcoming Note model. So stay tuned to TechNave for up-to-date information that we will share once it is out. 


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