Rumours: 2K 560ppi screens coming for Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014?

Samsung 2K display 3.jpg

We recently saw some slides showing off Samsung's plans for flexible displays but some more slides have appeared as well that seem to confirm a 2K 560ppi display for the next Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014. This is clearly shown in the slide number 18 with a Super AMOLED display with 560 ppi available by 2014. Reaching 560ppi on a 5.3-inch screen would mean that it would have resolutions equaling 2600 x 1440, placing it within 2K display range. We're guessing that this would likely be a plastic substrate like the one used in the Samsung Galaxy Round but what really caught our eye was that the flexible screen concept render for the Samsung Galaxy Gear was clearly shown in slides 29 and 30. It could be just a sloppy copy paste job, but it hints that we may see such flexible displays in Samsung smartwatches soon. It also shows that Samsung is thinking ahead of just curved, bended and foldable wearable devices as stretchable displays were also listed as well.

Samsung 2K display 1.jpg

Samsung 2K display 2.jpg


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