Rumours: Apple MacBook Air to be replaced by 12.9-inch iPad Air Pro?


We've been hearing rumours about a 12.9-inch Apple iPad Air Pro tablet for quite some time now, and the likelihood of it coming out soon seems ever closer. However, if it does come out, it would pose a serious threat to Apple's own range of MacBook Air notebook computers as it would undercut the MacBook Air both in terms of screensize as well as pricing. Rumours about a keyboard cover for Apple iPads also seem to indicate that a 12.9-inch Apple iPad Air Pro hybrid tablet could also arise, giving Microsoft's Surface and other hybrid tablet/laptops a run for the money. Recently, Tim Cook has also confirmed that new product categories would be launched at Apple and this seems to fit best, especially as reports are also out that a parts supplier (as usual) is currently making the 12.9-inch touchscreen displays for Apple. 

ipad air pro.jpg

If the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Air Pro does become a reality it seems very unlikely that Apple would keep the MacBook Air as Apple has traditionally kept it's product ranges very limited so users would not be confused by too many choices. This jives with the recent Apple A7 chip inside the iPad Air which is already quite close to the power provided by a desktop. An overclock or tweak of the A7 could perhaps offer enough power to make a 12.9-inch iPad Air Pro equal with an 11-inch to 13-inch MacBook Air. The extra space could also be utilized for more storage than the current limit of 128GB. What do you think? Would a 12.9-inch Apple iPad Air Pro tablet replace the MacBook Air? As it is, the Apple iPad Air Pro is estimated for a release date sometime in 2014.