Rumours: Apple to unveil a 4-inch iPhone in Q2 2015?


Although Apple's latest releases, the Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have been popular right from the start, their older plastic sibling, the iPhone 5C hasn't seen the same popularity and may be discontinued. Be that as it may, a new report says that Apple is planning to release a smaller 4-inch display iPhone by Q2 2015. The compact form factor has always been Apple's motto, until it succumbed to consumer demand and released the new iPhone 6 models. Even the smallest device of the two, the iPhone 6, measures 4.7 inches in size, which is much bigger than any of the iPhones released to date. Given that the earlier iPhones too were quite popular among buyers, there must be a number of users who were disappointed to see a larger Apple device. According to the supply chain sources of the company, a smaller 4 inch iPhone is in the works aimed at the compact phone lovers and women who would want a phone which can be operated with just hand. Moreover, this phone can be the ideal candidate to replace the fading iPhone 5C. Unfortunately, there are no tech specs, Malaysia release dates or pricing details about this 4-inch iPhone, but make sure you check back to the website for additional information in the coming weeks.

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