Rumours : Apple to use e-ink in their Macbook by 2018?


While the Apple event is set to be held in a few days time, rumours for their future lineup are already popping up around the net. This rumour is interesting however as it involves the keyboard of the Apple Macbook Pro. It is said that Apple may use e-ink technology to give their Macbook 2018 line a difference. 

The advantage of having an e-ink based keyboard is that the layout and button graphics can be customised according to the usage and application running on screen. This gives the users a legs up as they do not need to remember the shortcut keys – just glance at the keyboard and they will know which key to press.  

 Will we see this keyboard come to fruition? We will just have to wait and see next year. So stay tuned to TechNave as we bring more news and information on upcoming Apple products.  


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