Rumours: Could this be the final design of the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)?


We’ve had plenty of spec leaks as well as renders before for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J7 but this latest render brings a whole new perspective to the plate.

The leaked image shows the J7 in four different colour schemes namely blue, pink, god and black. However, what got us interested were the camera design and the unique antenna design on the back of the phone which was different in all of the previous leaked images.

Other than the previous leak coverage that we did, there was another leak that the phone will feature a 13MP selfie camera instead of 5MP as well as a 3600 mAh battery capacity and Android Nougat.

No news on the Malaysian release date yet but it was reported that the phone will be around €339 which is the Malaysian price equivalent of ~RM1700.

Rumours aside, there is no way to determine the final design and specs of the phone so it’s best that we remain patient and wait for the real thing. Stay tuned to for the latest updates.


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