Rumours: Dual rear camera is back in new iPhone 7 render concept


With the recent announcement of the iOS 10, someone has started imagining how the Apple iPhone 7 would look like with the latest operating system, designer Mathijs Schrauwen (via iPhoned) has put all together the rumours of a physical-less home button, Smart Connector, dual camera sensor, redesigned antennae bands and a missing 3.5mm headphone jack hole. Check out his sweet render concepts below:


While we did a report that the iPhone 7 might not feature a dual camera sensor module, another new rumour quickly dismissed the previous rumour (lol) that Apple has not abandoned the plan yet. The screenshot below, which an insider revealed that Foxconn, a manufacturer for Apple has been experimenting on the iPhone 7 Plus with the dual lens camera; Dali, another lens supplier was also revealed that the plans are not scrapped yet.


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