Rumours: Is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the image?


So just a few hours ago, Samsung Exynos' Twitter posted a new teaser image of the upcoming Exynos series 9 processor. With the tagline "A processor to create infinite possibilities.", it looks like a nice and harmless marketing tactic. Except that the smartphone in the background looks a bit fishy because it doesn't look like the Galaxy S8 at all.

Why we think it doesn't look like the current flagship is because of how thin the top bezel is, not to mention the bezel at the side is practically gone. So what does this mean? Maybe what we are looking at is the render edition of the Galaxy Note 8 all along or we are just reading into it too much. But anyway, since there are rumours that the phone is coming soon on 23 August 2017, Samsung might have done this on purpose to make subtle hints, or someone is just bad at rendering. Who knows.

The Galaxy Note 8 will be featuring a dual rear camera which is a first for Samsung, as well as an S-Pen stylus as part of the Note series. Stay tuned for more Samsung rumours at



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