Rumours: Latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus smartphones may not bend as easily?

Apple iPhone 6 Plus bend test.jpg

Rumours have it that Apple may have fixed their latest batch of Apple iPhone 6 Plus smartphones so that they do not bend as easily as before. According to rumours, this was discovered by a reddit user named doctorkuddles who had initially bought a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus smartphone for his wife and recently bought a new 128GB iPhone 6 Plus smartphone for himself. Upon closer inspection he discovered that his newer 128GB iPhone 6 was both heavier and more solid than the earlier bought 16GB iPhone 6 smartphone. His exact words were that he discovered a "red colored object placed in the volume down button crank". After contacting iFixit, they discovered that the latest batch of iPhone 6 Plus smartphones were 8g heavier than the first batch. While it doesn't confirm anything (at least until someone tries bending the latest batch of iPhone 6 Plus smartphones), it could mean that if you do accidentally bend your iPhone 6 Plus, you will get the fixed version as a replacement. Apple have not confirmed anything and doesn't seem like they are recalling any of their earlier released bendable iPhone 6 Plus smartphones either. While this may be good news for iPhone 6 Plus users do take this rumour with a good pinch of salt and don't go bending your smartphones intentionally.


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