Rumours: Lenovo Sisley improves on Apple iPhone 6 design?

Lenovo Sisley rumour 1.jpg

When the Apple iPhone 6 first came out, there were several nitpicks over the design which included the protruding rear camera and plastic inlay on the back casing for the antennas. Rumours have it that Lenovo could be coming out with a smartphone that improves on this design, replacing the 8MP protruding camera with a 13MP inset rear camera and moving most of the plastic inlays up to the top. This rumoured smartphone could be called the Lenovo Sisley with tech specs and features that also include a 5-inch display at 720p HD resolution and an 8MP front camera. Unfortunately, there are no other tech specs or details available yet and neither are Malaysia release dates or pricing but we should know more soon. While there is a pink Lenovo Sisley we expect Apple to come down hard on this one, especially since it is from a brand as big as Lenovo.

Lenovo Sisley rumour 2.jpg


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