Rumours: Potential iOS 10 features to be revealed at Apple WWDC 2016


In just a few more hours, Apple WWDC 2016 will soon go live and iOS 10 is expected to be showcased. There is little information about the new upgrade, but there are several rumours surrounding it and here is what we can find.

First and foremost, we talked about the Dark mode feature just last week. To sum it up, dark mode provides a darker menu bar, dock, and system menu, saving energy and protecting the user's eyesight when staring at the display for too long. If the feature does appear, it should be applied on Messages, Mail, Contacts, News, and others like some built-in Apple apps, system menus and even third party apps.


Dark mode feature concept

Next, the Siri SDK is an advanced Siri version to interact with any third-party apps in new ways. Siri would be able to access data and perform tasks within apps, as long as there's a Siri integration by the developers. This is a great potential to further expand Siri usage and more than a personal assistant, for example - back in 2015, there was a rumour that Apple was working on an 'iCloud Voicemail' service that would allow Siri to answer back missed calls and transcribe messages for the owner to read it as a text. With iOS 10, it's said to be able to relay the location information and delivering details on why the owner can't answer a phone call.

Apple Music app might get another redesign (again) in iOS 10, it would introduce a more intuitive user interface, a 'bolder, yet simpler' design that emphasizes on text, album art, and black and white backgrounds. 'Browse' option will replace the 'New' tab for a better orgainzational tool for finding new content, and Apple will encourage users to use a simplified "For You" section. Connect tab will be removed from the Apple Music navigation bar, but it would be included in the New 3D Touch shortcut preview.

Apple Pay is already available in the current iOS, but Apple wants to bring that feature further up by bringing it to web browsers as well. This will allow Apple Pay users to make purchases in online stores using the payments service, it's also possible a person-to-person Apple Pay payments service will be included allowing iOS users to send money to one another, perhaps even through iMessage.

Moving on, Apple might be introducing some new ways for the Photos app. Rumours have it that iPhoto 2.0.1 included tools for editing EXIF information and touch-based brushes for adjusting brightness and other parameters on only specific parts of a photo will be added in. For example, a Skitch-like photo editing feature allowing users to draw on and mark up images, this feature mirrors the Mail app for marking up PDFs and photos.

Lastly, during in April, metadata keys were added to App Store apps and this suggests that the company could be working on a feature to allow users to hide or delete unwanted stock apps. If such a feature is in the works, it could be included in iOS 10.

Apple iOS 10 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is set to take place at their website at 13 June, 10AM PDT. Stay tuned for more news at