Rumours: Samsung Galaxy S8 revealed in cases?

Samsung Galaxy S8 evleaks case.jpg

As we gear up for the upcoming announcement or teaser video of the Samsung Galaxy S8 for MWC 2017, serial leaker @evleaks has revealed fairly clear images of the phone in a case. While no tech specs were revealed, the images clearly show a rear fingerprint sensor beside the rear camera and heartrate monitor. It also shows a dual curved edge display and what appears to be an iris scanner.

The cut-outs aren't clear but there appears to be another button asides from the usual power and volume rocker while the 3.5mm jack cut-out is still on the bottom. @evleaks is usually quite accurate about such things but this is a rumour so do take it with a grain of salt. Do you like what you see? Discuss it here at with other TechNavers.

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