Rumours: Upcoming iPhone to feature four speakers?


Today, a blog from France, posted some leaked images of an iPhone prototype case. Now that may seem like it's nothing new, but here's the catch; the cover case has four separate speakers.

Like many rumours, this one seems to tie in with the no headphone jack rumour. Having four speakers would indeed replace the headphone jack hole, and could potentially be used for an additional audio amp provided by Cirrus Logic, which would also mean the Lightning port headphone accessory seems plausible with noise-cancellation smart codec in it. But then again, this also contradicts other rumours that claimed the upcoming iPhone would have the headphone jack, therefore, there won't be any four speakers but a dual lens camera instead.


Whatever the case may be, Steven Hemmerstoffer, who's known to be a serial leaker, may have taken those images from a promotional video made by an Italian casemaker, it's said that casemakers would allegedly received a prototype iPhone 7 case in anticipation of the coming refresh in September. As Hemmerstoffer himself notes, it doesn't make sense for the speaker sitting close to the camera module.

As usual, we all should take this rumour news with a grain of salt. So until then, stay tuned for more news at


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