Samsung Galaxy A25 5G, Galaxy A15 5G & Galaxy A15 now have a free 1-year extended warranty

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In case you missed it, the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G, Galaxy A15 5G and Galaxy A15 have been on the shelves in Malaysia since last December. To further promote these affordable phones, Samsung Malaysia just announced that all three phones will have a 1-year extended warranty (worth RM99) for free.

On top of that, there is an ongoing Samsung Wallet promo for these phones. As mentioned in our article here, you can earn up to RM720 in rebates annually, regardless of transaction value on the Galaxy A15 and A25 5G via Samsung Wallet. In your first year with the two phones, you can self-earn 70% of the phone's value via Wallet rebates.

Points are based on transaction frequency and are redeemable for various rewards like Samsung products, ZUS Coffee, or GSC vouchers. In the short term, users can accumulate points for vouchers, including one-point vouchers and exclusive weekly Monday vouchers. These points can also be redeemed as rebates for flagship models in three years, offering long-term value and savings.

To recap, the Galaxy A25 5G, Galaxy A15 5G and Galaxy A15 are priced at RM1299, RM1199 and RM999, respectively. The Galaxy A25 5G (256GB) is available in blue, blue black and yellow, whereas both Galaxy A15 models in 256GB have light blue, blue black and yellow options.

Although they are mid-range tier phones, customers would be glad to know that the Galaxy A25 5G, Galaxy A15 5G and Galaxy A15 have Optical Image Stabilization and Super Steady Mode on the 50MP primary cameras. The Galaxy A25 5G also has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, while the others use a 6.6-inch display. You can read the rest of the tech specs here.