Samsung Galaxy Fold goes official, unfolding from 4.6-inch to 7.3-inch display for ~RM8051

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Besides the Samsung Galaxy S10 seriesSamsung also showcased its all-new and first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. THIS IS a gorgeous piece of gadget and caught almost everyone off guard by announcing this first during the event. Anyway, let's check out the tech specs below.

Starting with the exterior design, the display is only 4.6-inch but when unfolded, it offers a massive 7.3-inch touchscreen display. To fully support the foldable phone, they installed a New Hinging Mechanism inside so it's not just a piece of glass folding together. If you unfold the phone, you can actually make it flip horizontally like a fully functional tablet. This works with YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Asphalt 9, Google Maps and many many more! You can even fit three apps at the same time, although it probably won't apply for all the apps.

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The Galaxy Fold in the flesh!!

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Multi-Active Window is supported on the Galaxy Fold

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The list of apps supported

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Four colours available

Screenshot (54).png

This is how the bottom looks like with the USB Type-C port on the left,
and the speaker on the right side

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It becomes 7.3-inches when unfolded

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The tech specs

The tech specs are similar to the Galaxy  S10+ with a 12MP + 16MP + 12MP triple rear camera combo, using a wide-angle, ultra wide-angle and telephoto lens. While the dual front camera is a 10MP + 8MP combo (there's also a 10MP cover front camera).

It's sporting a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset (7nm), 12GB of RAM and there's a pretty big 512GB ROM (UFS 3.0) gor internal storage. There are actually two batteries on each side but combining together it is 4380mAh in total.

No news yet on any Malaysia release dates but they are planning to release it on 26 April 2019 for $1980. That estimates to ~RM8051! So what do you think of the Galaxy Fold? Tell us on our FaceBook page and stay tuned to

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