Samsung Galaxy Gear sales beat the odds, but what do you really want from a smartwatch?

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Despite poor reviews (ourselves included) of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung still managed to move 800000 units of the smartwatch, making it probably the most profitable smartwatch to date. It does help that the smartwatch market is still very small but this is still a cause for celebration, at least for Samsung. However, it does raise the question of what you would really want in a smartwatch. Quite obviously, many of the smartwatches available on the market aren't what you want. So, what would you want from a smartwatch or what sort of smartwatch would you really want? How much would it cost?

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For us, we want a standalone device that has WiFi and 3G, has successfully solved the battery life and input problems plaguing other smartwatches and is capable of replacing our smartphone. It still looks rather ridiculous answering calls by lifting up the smartwatch to your ear, but there is always the option of a bluetooth headset. Then again there is still the problem of price. Currently, smartwatches can go up to as high as $349 (RM1110) which is about how much you'd pay for an entry-level to mid-range smartphone. How much would you consider to be a reasonable price for a smartwatch? For us, we're fine with that price as long as we get the performance and functionality of a smartphone and not a glorified extension of our existing smartphone. Check out some concepts and discuss, let us know what you think in our comments section and Facebook page. Maybe some smartwatch makers might be listening. ;)

What do you think about this iPhone? ;)

A possible Apple iWatch concept

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