Samsung Galaxy Ring leaked - Latest innovation from Samsung could arrive in the late 2024

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Previously, we mentioned the Samsung Curio, a smart ring from Samsung that could change the market as we know it. That said, leaks about the smart ring is running wild and some of these might interest you. That said, what should you know about the leaks?

If everything goes according to plan, the smart ring could hit the market very soon. According to the Elec, the smart ring could launch in 2024. However, if Samsung is seeking medical approval for the device, then the release date could be pushed to 2025.

Previously, Samsung has patented the trademark and design for the Samsung Galaxy Ring in 2022. This patent was granted by the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS). Besides that, Korean outlet Naver reported the smart ring could offer a fair amount of health tracking. It could also feature ECG, PPG sensors, heart rate measurements tool as well as monitor your temperature.

But it does not end there, you might be able to connect your smart ring with other household appliances. Hence, it is not far-fetched to assume that you could control your smart TV with the smart ring. Moreover, the Elec also reported that Samsung is preparing a smart glasses or XR glasses to pair with the smart ring. Samsung has patented this design so this might allow fine control over the UI and motion tracking in XR apps.

We have yet to confirm the prices for the smart ring. But if the Oura ring is a good reference for what a flagship smart ring could cost. The price for the Oura ring starts at $299 (~RM1398.12). So, you might have to save around that amount for the Samsung Smart Ring.

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